Bath Salt HEILPFLANZEN – 5 kg


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Salt from Praid – Romania, natural herbal oil (chamomile, yellows, rattles).

Way of ussage:

Pour about 500 g of bath salt into the tub and fill with hot water (approx. 35-40l). The bath can last 15-30 minutes, after which the salt is not washed, in order not to diminish the effect of the “salt coat”. A minimum of 10 bath treatments is recommended, one bath a day every 1-2 days. The contents of the box are sufficient for 10 occasions.

Recommended for:

  • joint rheumatism
  • chronic inflammation outside the evolutionary pits
  • skin diseases (allergies, infections, rashes)
  • gynecological diseases
  • respiratory diseases (asthma, chronic tracheobronitis)
  • bone pain
  • neurovegetative distortions
  • retractable capsules
  • posttraumatic sequelae


  • high blood pressure
  • heart failure
  • pulmonary tuberculosis

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Plastic bucket, Cardboard box


Store in a dry and cool place.


All KarpatenSalz products contain 100% NATURAL ingredients.


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