100% natural salt products from Romania

Give yourself a break! Baths with bath salts relieve your stress.


The products can only be ordered online or by telephone, there is no sales office at the warehouse address!


KarpatenSalz is the only importer and distributor for Germany of salt products from Praid Salina - Romania, one of the largest salt mines in Europe.

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After the first three orders, depending on the quantities ordered, all prices can be negotiable.
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Something you may not have known about salt and its beneficial effects

In most cases, salt is used only as an adjuvant to improve the taste of culinary preparations. And this is because many of us do not estimate how many other uses salt can have.

Do you feel physically and mentally stressed, tired or exhausted? Do you feel that weakness is stronger or that the depression is much longer and more common? We remind you that we live in the century of speed. Stress and fatigue are modern diseases … but treatable! Your body and mind are ABSOLUTELY NORMAL, they give you what he needs! All of these symptoms are “cries for help” from our body. He feels the lack of vitamins and minerals.

The skin is known to be an excellent absorbent. Benefit from the positive effects of a bath with BATH SALT – good hydrated fine and soft skin, as well as health and complete relaxation – we assure you that you will not regret it!
Salt baths have a cleansing effect on the body, they nourish the skin intensively with blood and at the same time promote the metabolism. We need minerals for the proper functioning of the body. These minerals normally reach our bodies through nutrition. Salt baths help the skin absorb these minerals. In addition, the volatile oils that come into the composition of the bath have an aromatherapeutic effect and contribute to relaxation and revitalization of the body.

Salt baths are known as a traditional treatment. Our products are made from mineral salt from the Praid *** area with optimal mineral compositions, which contain: 98.7% NaCl, 0.1% CaSO4, 0.028% MgCl2, 0.13 CaCl2, 0.00056% Fe203. The natural sludge supplement really makes it a special salt. *** The Praid mine is a large salt mine in central Romania in the Harghita district near Praid. Praid is one of the largest salt deposits in Europe with an estimated reserve of 50 billion tons of NaCl.

The salt has a positive effect on various aspects of health: it calms the nervous system, relieves stress and restores balance in the body. Salt baths promote the metabolism and relieve most pain, have a calming effect. Thanks to its properties, the bath salt eliminates insomnia, helps the skin breathe and is used effectively in the fight against colds and other diseases. It has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect and at the same time stimulates blood circulation.

Among our products you will find: bath salts with different flavors, salt soaps, salt pillows, salt inhalers, salt with different spices, salt lamps and many more.

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Bath Salt ROSA - 1 kg
Bath Salt OZEAN – 0,7 kg

Who believed that salt can bring so much benefit to the human body?

Try KarpatenSalz products and you will be convinced!

Bath Salt LAVENDEL - 0,5 kg

Our products contain 100% NATURAL ingredients:
salt from Praid - Romania, herbs, natural essential oils and natural dyes.

Bath salt 5 kg

Badesalz ROSAA relaxing and soothing bath is a treat we all deserve. Do not just settle in the hot water from the bath…

Bath salt 2 kg


Benefit from the positive effects of a bath with a salt bath – a well-hydrated, fine and soft skin, an added health…

Bath salt 0,8 kg

Badesalz HEILPFLANZEN LAVENDELA Bath with Bath Salt makes the unique and unmatched scent of the seashore closer and closer…

Bath salt 0,7 kg

HomepageA bath with Bath salt is relaxing, soothing, balances the mental and emotional state, normalizes sleep…

Bath salt 0,5 kg

Badesalz ROSAThe bath can last 15-30 minutes, after which the salt is not washed, in order not to diminish the effect of the “salt coat”…

Table Salt 0,08-0,15 kg

SPEISESALZ PAPRIKAEstragon, knoblauch, gebrauct aroma, paprika, dill, thimian, lovage, pfeffer… all these will give special tastes and…

SALT PILLOWs 0,5-1 kg


Recommended for respiratory diseases, asthma, bronchitis, colds, influenza, laryngitis, sinusitis, cough, allergy of…


SALZINHALATOR KinderThe Salt Inhaler eases breathing, soothes the symptoms of allergy to pollen and other allergies, reduces the unpleasant…


SALZLAMPEOne of the most effective ways of ionizing air is by placing salt lamps indoors, thus simulating the same effect of an…

Attention, some products may have contraindications!

All our products are DERMATOLOGICAL and TOXICOLOGICAL TESTED, being approved by the MINISTRY of HEALTH from Romania. However, please READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION carefully and if any unpleasant symptoms appear, we recommend that you consult your doctor.


Most frequent questions and answers

Before ordering something we recommend that you carefully read the description of the respective product and especially its contraindications.

To order one or more of our products we offer three possibilities:

  • by email at the address order@karpatensalz.com (recommended)
  • by telephone to one of these numbers:
    • 01708397399 to speak German (between 17-19)
    • 015116601217 to speak English (between 9 and 19)
  • directly from our online store

For orders over 50 Euro the transport is free.

For orders over 100 Euro the price of our products is negotiable.

Price negotiation is done only by email at the address mentioned above.

For the moment, the accepted payment methods are bank transfer and PayPal.

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